Why Gili Meno Indonesia for your yoga teacher training?

The opportunity to experience a masterful delivery of a well balanced yoga teacher training intensive, full of rich meaningful content, is combined with an exotic tropical adventure. It will have lasting impact on the way you see and engage the world, as you experience a new culture and gain fresh perspective on life at home. Here's a short list of what makes the Gili Islands so special for a yoga teacher training:

* Gili Meno, with only 300 inhabitants and a castaway desert island vibe, is a great choice choice for an inexpensive and exotic yoga getaway. In this part of the Bali / Lombok region, you can take advantage of all the island has to offer, including world-class snorkeling, diving and great beaches.

* No motorbikes or cars, coupled with a constant, mild and beautiful island breeze, not only keeps the air clean and fresh but noise pollution to a minimum. This is a great opportunity to detox, unwind and rejuvenate. The coolness of the morning and evening air is an excellent time to enjoy a healthy and productive guided pranayama / meditation practice during the teacher training course.

* There will be ample personal time for enjoying the pristine, uncrowded beaches thqt can be found with just a 5-10 min walk in almost any direction, with many great choices for swimming, snorkeling or an escape to solitude. This makes for a refreshing break after an engaging lecture or yoga practice and eliminates the need to hire a driver or devote an entire day getting to the beach. The clear turquoise water is at your fingertips and toes waiting to be experienced

* Although you might think the expense of getting here is a big investment, the flipside is that it's cheap to be here. Cheaper than living at home. Most will find that the total budget for completing our yoga teacher training certification courses is considerably cheaper than many other options, and lands you in a region that is a gateway to many exotic sites and experiences. In fact, a three day guided climb to one of the most scenic volcanic attractions in Asia, Mount Rinjani, is just a short skip away from Gili Meno in Lombok and costs only 200 USD. After the training, you can spend time in Bali investigating popular destinations such as Ubud or Amed.

* During the yoga teacher training, there will be ample personal time for relaxing on the pristine, uncrowded beaches of paradise. For anyone who finds just being at the ocean restorative and inspiring, Gili Meno is the perfect destination for a yoga teacher training intensive.

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The maoMeno property consists of a collection of houses on a sprawling piece of land, surrounded by green fields and palm trees swaying in the breeze. The location is very quiet - you will only hear the gentle sounds of the ocean a few hundred feet away, and at night, crickets. Many spaces are open air, built of whitewashed wood and bamboo, decorated in soft tones of beige and white, with gentle lighting and cotton mosquito nets. The style is reminiscent of a rustic Spanish finca meets Nantucket beach house, and you might call it "glamping." The wood used for construction is fragrant, and the roofs are woven from ylang ylang.

Separate from the living spaces, guests are invited to hang out and mingle in the lounge/kitchen/juice bar area. Here, staff serves breakfast, fresh juices, and herbal teas. Food is sourced as locally as possible, using simple, natural ingredients and superfoods (goji berries, spirulina) brought from neighboring Bali. If staying connected is a concern, WiFi is available for a quick email check in common areas.  The rectangular yoga shala (studio) is nestled at the back of the property, with a view of the lush green fields and overlooking a fire pit and meditation platform.

Accommodation Options

The Terrace Bungalow has a stunning sunset view over the green fields. Its traditional Lombok "Sasak style" construction has high ceilings and 100% wood. Special features including a recycled teak Balinese bed frame and a semi open attached bathroom make this bungalow unique. We invite you to shower under a rain of stars, one of the pleasures of island life. This room is a deluxe single for 1 person (or couple) with en suite private bathroom. (Deluxe single, Package 5)

The Garden Bungalow is located in the garden surrounded by trees, enhancing our guest's privacy. It has two floors, each with two single beds.  Enjoy the pleasure of waking up to the sound of the birds, the waves and the breeze. Four twin (double occupancy), en suite bathroom. (Standard twin share with shared bathroom, package 2)

Bamboo House This 100% bamboo construction house is ideal for those guests looking for a natural, zen and tranquil living space. It has two bedrooms and a big veranda overlooking the garden. Unique features like bamboo floors (which provide natural ventilation) and several big Japanese style sliding doors make this house a special one. Furniture is reduced to the essential to help maintain its zen atmosphere. This includes futon style mattress frames. Both bedrooms have two 120cm mattresses and a private en suite large open air bathroom. (Deluxe twin shared with ensuite bathroom, Package 3)

White Wash House. This two-story house is over 70 years old, and was rebuilt here at maoMeno. The master bedroom is located on the top floor. Whitewashed walls, smooth lines and natural light enhance the peaceful quality of this house. Its spacious veranda is perfect to enjoy magic sunsets over the green fields, practice yoga or relax in the hammock. On the ground floor is a multi purpose, open air studio with space to sleep two more guests. There is a private individual bathroom for the whole of this house. (Upstairs: Deluxe Single, Package 4. (Downstairs: Standard twin share with shared bathroom, package 2)

Joglo Comfort, space and style are some of the features of this house. The original "Joglo" construction is Javanese. This concept was readapted to create a unique construction using 95% recycled wood, most of it over 100 years old. The master bedroom is equipped with two twin beds. A second bedroom-platform is located upstairs, with two single beds, tatami style. The Joglo includes a kitchen for private use and a spacious lounge, perfect for lazy siestas. (Standard twin share with shared bathroom, Package 2)

New: Blue House The newest accommodation on the maoMeno property. This fresh wooden triple bungalow is airy and spacious, with an ensuite bathroom and a large private veranda for relaxing.   (Triple, Package 6)

Beruga For avid campers, travelers on a budget and lovers of the great outdoors, this budget option is sure to please. Sleep outdoors on a raised wooden platform with a ylang ylang thatched roof. The beruga is equipped with a comfortable double mattress and a mosquito net. It is set back discretely on the property for privacy. The common bathroom is located just a few steps away. (Eco option with shared bathroom, Package 1)



Gili Meno Travel Information

200 hour yoga teacher training Bail Indonesia Map of Gili Meno


Planning Your Trip

May/June 2016: Students should arrive in Bali or Lombok no later than May 11th, to transfer to Gili Meno via boat on the morning of May 12th. We will meet for an opening circle and welcome dinner in the late afternoon of May 12th. Our first morning practice is on May 13th, and the training ends at 6pm on June 2nd. Students should plan for departure after breakfast on June 3rd. Accommodation is reserved at maoMeno from May 12th through June 3rd. Days off: May 19, 26

July 2016: Students should arrive in Bali or Lombok no later than July 8th, to transfer to Gili Meno via boat on the morning of July 9th. We will meet for an opening circle and welcome dinner in the late afternoon of July 9th. Our first morning practice is on July 10th, and the training ends at 6pm on July 30th. Students should plan for departure after breakfast on July 31st. Accommodation is reserved at maoMeno from July 9th through July 31st. Days off: July 16, 23


Travel Insurance

You are strongly encouraged to purchase your own travel insurance. We can't emphasize this enough. Stuff happens. This will cover you for any medical care you need, loss/damage of any goods, and any disruption or cancellation of your travel. Choose the “cancel for any reason” option for the most coverage. We have had good experience with Allianz. Brokers like www.insuremytrip.com provide ratings and quotes for a number of different insurance agencies.



Please ensure your passport is valid for more than 6 months after arrival, and that it contains several blank pages. This will prevent issues such as refused entry into the country when you check in with your airline. There are 2 visa options available, depending on your time requirements.

Visa on Arrival - citizens of over 50 countries may apply for a visa on arrival (VOA) when they arrive at the airport in Indonesia. There are special lanes for this at immigration in the arrivals area. The costs are US$25 for 30 days, payable on the spot. It’s easiest to hand them the exact amount in US currency, but this is not necessary since they accept most currencies. The 30-day visa may be extended for a further 30 days by paying an additional US$25 and extra fee of approximately US$25/30. You will have to leave Indonesia and return if you wish to stay longer than 60 days.

Tourist Visa: This visa is available at certain Indonesian embassies worldwide. It is a 2 month tourist visa, extendable on a monthly basis, for a fee (USD 50 - 60 per month), for up to 6 months in total. This visa needs to be organized in your country of residence prior to your departure for Indonesia. Should you wish to spend more than 60 days in Indonesia, we recommend this option.

Officially, an onward/return ticket is a requirement for a visa, and visitors are frequently asked to show their ticket on arrival.

A departure tax of IDR 200,000 is charged on your exit from Indonesia, which you must pay in cash.

Note: This visa information is provided as a guide only. Please check with the Indonesian Consulate in your home country for the most accurate and up-to-date Indonesian visa information.


Booking Flights

The two closest international airports are Denpasar (also known as Ngurah Ra) on Bali and Bandara International on Lombok. Should you fly into Bali, we recommend you spend at least 1 night prior to arrival on Gili Meno and 1 night after the training on Bali, to ensure sufficient time for the boat and shuttle transfer and flights etc. Lombok is a new airport with limited flights, and is several hours' drive from Bangsal harbor, the launching point for boats to the Gilis. Flights into Lombok should arrive in the morning, and depart in the late afternoon/evening to ensure sufficient time for transit to and from Gili Meno.

On arrival in Indonesia:
If you arrive via Denpasar Airport, Bali, we recommend that you organize an airport pick up with your hotel, making your transition easier. Alternatively, use one of the airport taxis. Just follow the signs at the airport, once you leave the arrival terminal, go to your right and you will find a taxi stand. The taxis have fixed prices which are listed on the board. You might get a cheaper price, using the services of the transport men standing outside of the terminal, but this involves bartering.

Boat Transfers From Bali:
There are several fast boat operators to the Gili Islands, departing from Sanur or Padang Bai. Schedules, prices and routes change frequently, so check online about a month before your trip to choose your boat company. We'll be emailing up to date recommendations for who to use. Fast boats are generally only organized a few days to a week in advance, and they do fill up in high season (July). The boat trip price includes a round trip shuttle from your hotel in Bali to the fast boat dock at Padang Bai Harbor. The shuttle operates from Kuta, Legian, Sanur (closer to the airport) or Ubud. Please ensure your hotel is in one of these areas.

From Lombok:
A flight from Denpasar to the new Lombok international Bandara airport takes 30 minutes and will cost approximately US$50 - US$100. On arrival in southern Lombok you will need to take a taxi to Bangsal Harbor in the north (2hrs), costing around US$30. It is a 30 min boat journey from there across to Gili Meno. The price is negotiable, however the fare is approximately US$35 for a chartered boat. Note: Baggage restrictions may apply to your aircraft when flying into Lombok.

Transport on Gili Meno / getting around
Getting to maoMeno: you can take a horse cart (cidomo) for 80,000 IDR from the harbor. Otherwise it is a 10 minute stroll down the center of the island. Gili Meno is a small island, you can walk around the entire island in just one hour.


Health & Safety

As for all destinations, you should check your government's travel advisories before you depart, follow your own wisdom with regards to this, and listen to local advice when you arrive. Vaccinations: check what vaccinations you need to travel to the Gili Islands (Lombok) and ensure you have the required vaccinations well before departure date. Hygiene and food/water: there are some risks of traveler's diarrhea, by far the most common problem affecting travelers. It is important to drink only bottled/boiled water, choose food carefully and wash your hands regularly. Please do not drink the tap water, it is unsuitable for consumption.

Mosquito-borne diseases Although Gili Meno is usually not effected, there are a number of mosquito-borne diseases in Indonesia, so it is recommended you bring repellent and long clothing to cover your skin at dawn/dusk. Note: Lombok is registered as a risk area for malaria. Though the Gili Islands are officially part of the Lombok region, the risk to malaria is very small. However, if you are planning to travel to Lombok, we would recommend taking malaria precautions.


What to bring

- Several changes of your favorite lightweight yoga clothes. Our practice space is open-air, and it gets warm! Laundry service is cheap on the island, so no need to overpack.
- A sarong - a wonderful multipurpose item that keeps bugs away during savasana, covers your legs to visit
temples, and will ward off any evening chill. These are also sold on the island.
- Comfortable sandals or flip-flops are a must, and should be easy removed as most people here do not wear
shoes indoors.
- Swimwear and a beach towel
- Hat
- Sunscreen
- First aid kit (antibiotics, hydrocortisone, aspirin, antibiotic cream, band-aids)
- Mosquito repellent
- Personal medication (drugs here are unreliable, cheap knock-offs)
- Sanitary products
- Mask, snorkel and fins (these are also available to rent on the island for US$3 per day)
- Adaptor for electronics: Europe (KAEU)
- Flashlight
- Refillable water bottle
- Notebook & pen
- Required reading as book or ebook
- Earplugs (we prefer the moldable silcone type, e.g. Mack's)
- Yoga mat (you can also purchase in Ubud. As a lightweight travel mat, we like Jade Travel Mat)
- Mat cleaner - we like Herban Essentials' yoga wipes
- Favorite snacks - energy bars, nuts, dried fruit

Notes on clothing: Please note that the local people on the Gili Islands are Muslim, so while wearing your swimwear (e.g. bikini) and sarongs on the beach front is completely acceptable, when heading inland please wear modest clothing.


Yoga Props

maoMeno will be supplying yoga mats, belts, blocks and meditation cushions. However we strongly recommend bringing your own yoga mat for optimal hygiene and comfort. We take our Jade Travel Mat with us everywhere! A must-have for yogis on the go.



Gili Meno can be visited all year round as the climate remains warm and tropical throughout. Hot sunny days, clear blue skies, and the sea can be enjoyed anytime of the year. You can expect pleasant day temperatures between 20 to 33 degrees Celsius or 68 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. The 'dry season' begins in April/May and breaks when the rains arrive in December. Rainy season is a favorite for some as the island becomes lush with fresh growth. Although grey skies can linger, the rain tends to be restricted to just a few hours each day, and is generally followed by clear sunny periods, though humidity can get high. Sometimes you’ll need a sweater or light jacket after the sun sets. During the rainy season the sea can sometimes get a little wilder and water visibility can drop. Rain or shine the island is always rich with nature's gifts. But water temperature is still perfect for swimming.



Gili Meno now has an ATM, although it sometimes runs out of cash. It's recommended to bring a couple hundred dollars worth of Rupiah from an ATM in Bali. There are several foreign currency exchange offices that change US$, AUS$, Euros and GBP etc. and you can get cash advances as well.


Internet & SIM Cards

maoMeno offers WiFi in common areas, free of charge. Sim cards are easily available and cheap in Indonesia if you wish to make local phone calls on your mobile phone or buy a data package. You can buy new credit (pulsa) in the convenience stores on Gili Meno.

Gili Meno 2018 Yoga Teacher Training Pricing

Packages and Pricing

Packages include accommodation as well as daily breakfast and dinner. Water and tea are available all day, and an afternoon fruit snack will be served. Natural, vegetarian and local foods are emphasized. Please let us know any dietary restrictions (vegan, allergies) on your application. A group opening and closing dinner on the first and last evening are included. Lunch and meals on days off are not included on Gili Meno; please budget $5-$10 per meal, or $150-$300 total. Fast Boat transfer from Bali (about $75 round trip) is not included. All beds are equipped with mosquito nets and rooms are fan-cooled. Shared rooms are double occupancy.

The first step in booking your yoga teacher training is to fill out the online application form. Once your application is accepted, you can make a deposit of $750 to secure your spot. The remaining balance is due 45 days before the start of your program. Early bird discounts are offered to students who pay in full 6 months before the program begins.


Package 1 - Eco option with shared bathroom, all inclusive

Early Bird: $3,625 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $4,125 USD

Package Includes: Private outdoor sleeping area and shared bath, daily breakfast & dinner, water, tea, fresh fruit snack, 400+ page course manual and course tuition.


Package 2 - Standard twin share with shared bathroom, all inclusive

Early Bird: $3,975 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $4,475 USD

Package Includes: Shared double / shared bath, daily breakfast dinner, water, tea, fresh fruit snack, 400+ page course manual and course tuition.



Package 3 - Deluxe twin shared with ensuite bathroom, all inclusive

Early Bird: $4,225 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $4,725 USD

Package Includes: Deluxe shared room / private bath, daily breakfast and dinner, water, tea, fresh fruit snack, 400+ page course manual and course tuition.


Package 4 - Deluxe single with shared bath,all inclusive

Early Bird: $4,225 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $4,725 USD

Package Includes: Deluxe private room / shared bath, daily breakfast and dinner, water, tea, fresh fruit snack, tuition, 400+ page course manual and course tuition.



Package 5 - Deluxe single with ensuite bath, all inclusive

Early Bird: $4,650 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $5,150 USD

Package Includes: Deluxe private room with private bath, daily breakfast and dinner, water, tea, fresh fruit snack, tuition, 400+ page course manual and course tuition.


Package 6 - Triple share with ensuite bathroom, all inclusive

Early Bird: $4,075 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $4,575 USD

Package Includes: Triple shared room / ensuite bath, daily breakfast, dinner, water, tea, fresh fruit snack, 400+ page course manual and course tuition.



Yoga Teacher Training Dates
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Gili Meno, Indonesia
Cost: All inclusive from $3,625 USD