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Rose shares her yoga training review

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"I struck gold"

"The full effect my training with Zuna Yoga® has had on my practice, and my life, is still unfolding. Every day I find myself in situations or awareness that clearly defines the difference between pre-Zuna me & post-Zuna me. I had no idea quite what I was letting myself in for, but in choosing Zuna Yoga® I struck gold."

"My month with them was a far cry from the yogic love bubble so many trainings have dropped me into; instead Zuna Yoga® provides a training that forces one to drop behind reaction to the integrity of one's own backbone. This is not a comfortable process - a lot of friction is required to force up the full scope of one's own reactions. Choose to do the work with what rises, and my goodness, things will shift. Practice, practice, practice - let go, let go, let go. My only advice for anyone embarking on this training: Trust."

"It is a rare teacher in this yoga world that doesn't require you to like or dislike them. That hands the responsibility for your own practice quite squarely into your own hands, and ignites within you a flame of integrity that holds you accountable for the single reason that you are alive, you are awake, and you are conscious."

"I promise you that your life as you know it will change, that it will not be easy, but that it will be worth it. And the crystal clear tools and formula you will be so generously given will help you map a journey that will be all of your own navigation."





Cydney talks about hear yoga training experience

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Saying thank you is not enough"

"I am so proud to be in the Zuna Yoga® tribe. The 30+ souls that I met during teacher training were strong, independent, conscious, and patient individuals that I feel so lucky to have met. I made lifelong friends in those 3 weeks with whom I share so many loves + interests.  It is like when you picked us, you knew we would all work together throughout our journey. You picked women + men of all ages and backgrounds, and through our love for yoga, we created bonds to last long past the "yoga bubble" of the training. "

"Zuna's program allowed me to leave feeling confident and prepared to teach in any situation. I can have more in-depth conversations about my practice that do not just involve asanas. Learning where to breathe is life altering! After leaving Ubud to travel, I got offered a teaching position at my hotel in Canggu. I taught my first class, a twisting sequence, and it felt so natural. After class, one girl told me it was "exactly what her body needed" and that she enjoyed knowing where to send her breath. "

"Thank you for making the teacher training so mindfull. I used to think of yoga more in the physical sense, but you guys helped open up a whole new world of the spiritual practice.  I'm also meditating every day."

"To the assistants... thank you. thank you, thank you for the wonderful adjustments. Your adjustments are so effective and it is obvious that you guys know what you doing. It is also inspiring to see you all making your own dreams a reality. I feel lucky to have such inspiring teachers. "

"There is so much more that I am happy for having learned with the Zuna program, but it would be the world's longest email.  So in short, thank you for the opportunity to learn, thank you for your knowledge, and thank you for allowing me to leave feeling prepared and confident to teach. "





Cydney talks about hear yoga training experience

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Katherine's passion and knowledge of anatomy is incredible"

"It is difficult to put in words just how transformational my 300 hour yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga® was. The program is so well thought out and delivered. We learned about the why behind the what, the purpose of yoga and ultimately of our own life. I now understand the energetics of yoga (yoga nidra, asana, meditation, restorative), the benefits, and what incredible experiences can come from them. Everett is so knowledgable and genuine is desire to help people thrive. He was able to explain the philosophy and depths of yoga in a way in which we could all understand and always willing to answer questions. Katherine's passion and knowledge of anatomy was just as incredible. Everything she shared was supported with science. Together provided me with the knowledge and skills I need to teach more confidently and professionally. Their passion is contagious. I will never forget my experience with Zuna Yoga®, and I cannot wait to see you all again. Thank you for showing me "my way". "





Cydney talks about hear yoga training experience

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Forever grateful. Forever inspired. I'm forever a Zuna Yogi"

"The three weeks at Azadi retreat with Zuna Yoga® was an incredible experience. A journey that changed my life. I learned more than I ever thought possible about yoga, myself, and life. But It wasn't a vacation. It was challenging: mentally, emotionally and physically. I learned to view challenge as an opportunity to grow and know myself more fully, making this journey even more powerful, and especially beautiful. It was a journey to the very center of my soul. "

"The primary trainers, Everett and Katherine, as well as their staff are skilled, inspiring professionals that delivered a meticulously developed program. Nothing was left to chance. My fellow yogis and classmates around the world have become my new best friends. I highly recommend experincing it for yourself!"





Cydney talks about hear yoga training experience

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"My life has changed completely!"

"As a long time school teacher, I know that teaching people is a very demanding task. It requires creativity, patience, and a great deal of motivation, as well as optimism and flexibility. A dedicated and passionate teacher can guide students through life changing processes and developments. I feel deeply privileged to have learned and grown with extraordinary teachers during my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga®! These teachers share their wisdom with a special kind of passion and a variety of creative methods that makes knowledge more accessible and enduring. "

" This was an opportunity that gave me the chance to develop in different areas of my life and personality, both during and after my teacher training. Of course, I developed my asana practice profoundly, but I also learned to access and develop my intentions towards life. Furthermore, I formed beautiful friendships, as well as a better relationship with myself! My life has changed completely by becoming part of the Zuna Tribe. All I have learned accompanies and enriches me every day, during my personal asana practice and meditation, when I prepare and teach Yoga classes, or when I talk to like minded people. Thank you, beautiful Zuna Yoga® team! I am looking forward to learning and growing with you even more during my 300 hour training."






Cydney talks about hear yoga training experience

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Their passion is extremely contagious"

"It is so difficult to sum up the beautiful, educational, and humbling journey that was my Zuna Yoga® 200 hour teacher training. While I embarked on this adventure with little idea of what to expect, the experience was more enriching and transformational than I could have ever imagined. Everett, Katherine, Anna, and Anthony really go above and beyond to make sure that each one of us comes away with a deeper understanding and connection with not only yoga, but with ourselves and the world around us. Their passion is extremely contagious and their 360 degree approach to training just proves that you are good hands. Zuna means "to thrive," and with their expansive knowledge, warmth and acceptance, the truly inspiring humans behind Zuna Yoga® have created the perfect environment to ensure you do just that ! "





Cydney talks about hear yoga training experience

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"A Perfect Place to Grow"

"Twenty one days to surrender, leaving preconceptions and expectations behind. We dove head first into this journey, accepting these people as friends, this place as home and these lessons as life-changing. This adventure has been so much more than a teacher training. It's learning a new way to look at the world and yourself. it has been a truly amazing experience. Your attitude is contagious, your stories inspiring, and your view of people romantic. I've always believed we are a small piece of everyone we meet, we soak up the energies, learning from the negative and growing from the positive. It's been such a perfect place to grow, with such stimulating people. It's been a beautiful slice of time. Thanks for creating it."





Lucas discusses his 200 hour teacher training with Zuna Yoga

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Brilliant and Systematic"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 200hr Zuna Yoga® Teacher Training. Everett & Katherine were outstanding in leading us through their fully immersive program. The island (Gili Meno) was superb, The accommodations were breathtaking, the food was fresh and tasty and my fellow students became like family. An extremely supportive environment; the perfect recipe for an immersive program, I say!

The course material was structured so brilliantly and systematically; that we were able to cover a plethora of topics in a relatively short amount of time - and retain it! We dove deeply into beautiful pranayama and meditative practices and learnt how to craftfully structure a class energetically and physically.

I couldn't imagine a better 200 hour yoga teacher training, or a better way to begin my career as a yoga teacher. I would highly recommend Zuna Yoga® to any yogi or yogini who wants a fully immersive, life changing and well structured training. You will come out knowledgable and prepared should you want to begin teaching or simply take your personal practice to the next level."





Megan did her first training in Indonesia and returned for our advance course in Cambodia. She shares her experience

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Life Skills"

"Thank you for the beautiful life skills you have shared with me at the Zuna Yoga® 200 hour teacher training in Gili Meno. Thank you for the support, the hugs, the yoga and most importantly, the breath. I continue to meditate every single day and practice asana at least four times a week. The clarity, calmness, and love I feel is incredible and I am forever thankful. I just received the newsletter and I am always happy to read it, especially this month when I saw the free yoga nidra download! WAHOOOO and THANK YOU. I can't wait to listen after work today."





Claire - a 500 hour yoga teacher training graduate from London shares her review

500 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Attention to Detail"

"Many thanks for what has been a truly transformational 500 hour teacher training. I loved the thoroughness, the manual, the lectures, the delivery, the humor, the discipline, the intensity, the attention to detail, the sharing of examples. These have all had a profound effect on me. Thanks to you both for all your effort, strength and inspiration."





 Taylor is a Bali Teacher training graduate that gives a great review of her experience

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"What a wonderful thing you have chosen to do with your lives"

" I came to Gili Meno at the end of a trip of self-discovery. Little did I know it was only just beginning. I learned more about myself, my attitudes and my perceptions than I could have imagined. Yes, there were tough moments, but somehow it all made sense. I have the distinct feeling that this journey is only just beginning and I feel so grateful and honored that you have been the ones to start me on it. What a wonderful thing you have chosen to do with your lives."





an honest account from our student Nikki of her 200 hour yoga teacher training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"I've learned more that I could have ever imagined possible"

"I have learned more about myself, happiness, compassion for others, letting go, amongst many others things, than I even imagined possible in three weeks. (oh, and of course, asana!) Your dedication to help spread this beautiful knowledge is beyond amazing. I thank you for your patience, desire to help, listening to and answering my questions and for teaching me so much. I am beyond thankful that the universe led me to Gili Meno and to Zuna Yoga®. "





Zuna Yoga reviews

500 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Review

"It Wasn't Easy"

"When I booked the 0-500 hour teacher training in Bali (September - October 2014), I thought it would be an easy yoga experience in Bali. My expectations couldn't have been further from the truth. Already, during the first week I started to learn about all the elements that have been missing from my 14 years of practice - such as proper breathing, safe alignment, the use of props, and awareness of energetics.

We obtained valuable knowledge of anatomy and yoga philosophy, asanas, pranayama and meditation. Everett and Katherine presented us a heartful and mindful approach on yoga in its complexity. No doubt, in those two months we went through challenges of the body, mind and ego. It wasn't always easy, but every second of our training was beautiful and deep. We obtained knowledge of a system of yoga that is beneficial and healthy for ourselves and our students. We learned to create intelligent sequences and practices, knowing how to wisely guide ourselves and others through pranayama and different kinds of meditation. We were shown that yoga is an amazing and deep tool which allows everyone to live life fully and in a meaningful and conscious way - not only on the mat, but also in daily life.

I am grateful that I did the TT with Zuna Yoga®. It helped me to grow personally, as a yogi and as a yoga teacher. In honor of my teachers, in honor of my fellow yogis, in honor of myself."





Zuna Yoga program review


"From Bone and Muscle to Breath and Spirit"

"People often say that yoga can change your life - but few practices actually deliver on that promise in quite the way Everett's does. He is a unique teacher, who has profoundly internalized years of training, learning, meditating, reflecting, and the study of texts and traditions. He is endowed with a rare wisdom, extraordinarily articulate about yoga practice and generous with his understanding. And he is physically very precise in class, able to show how each pose involves all levels of being - from bone and muscle to breath, emotion, spirit, intention. He certainly changed my life: I began with him in a state of profound imbalance, spiritually straddling the space between the death of a parent and the birth of a child, physically weakened by childbirth; and within a few months I had regained physical strength and stamina, a sense of purpose, emotional serenity, and, most difficult to find these days, a strong sense of what it means to be alive in and to the world."





Zuna Yoga Bali teacher training course reviews

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"A Magical and Transformational Ride"

"Wow! I am struggling to put into words the magical and transformational ride you took me on. It was hard and challenging, but so easy and simple. Every part of this has felt right, from the moment I stumbled on Zuna Yoga® to me sitting here at the end of training, a totally different person. You have taught me that all the challenges and speed bumps along the way have been leading me to this moment, and there is nowhere else I'd rather be. The experience you provided will forever hold a special place in my heart. The friendships, laughter, tears, wisdom, yoga and confidence to share this with others. I did a lot of healing and growing this trip and I thank you so much for this. Right now sitting here sun kissed, salt water in my hair, worn out but so energized, I feel really happy and whole. "





Didi from Saudi Arabia gives her review of Zuna Yoga Bali Yoga teacher training

200 hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Learning the True meaning of Yoga"

"In my home country of Saudi Arabia, there are a few local yoga teacher training programs, but I was looking for the best, most experienced teachers I could find for a true immersion - especially since I will be opening my own yoga studio in Riyadh. When I first started searching for a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga school in Bali, Zuna Yoga was the one that really stood out to me. Their reviews were glowing and the pictures from their yoga teacher trainings were so enticing. So I chose Zuna Yoga and travelled all the way to Bali, and the trip was truly worth it. The Zuna Yoga® teacher training exceeded my expectations from day one. It was an eye opening experience where I learned the true meaning and essence of Yoga. The location was amazing and accessible; the course was very well organized and structured; the instructors were there for you all the time, and they respected and acknowledged all the students' different religious and cultural backgrounds. Having completed the 200 hour program, I am so happy and fully confident that I can pass on what I learned at my own yoga studio. And when I decide to continue with my advanced yoga teacher training, Zuna Yoga® will be my first choice. "





 Rachel's Bali Yoga Review

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review


"My thanks and gratitude for these weeks and this knowledge you've given me will be paid forward in how I choose to live my life off this island. Everett, you've awakened within me courage and beauty that's been hidden by my previous unwillingness and inability to see it. I'm so excited to help others see the light within themselves. I feel more able to trust myself and proceed with confidence."





Daniell offers her 200 hour yoga teacher training review

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"A Treasured Gift"

"I can honestly say I have learned and truly engaged in class this past month more than I have through any other education course I have attended in my life. This, of course, is a reflection of you. Everett, you have a God/Atman given gift to teach, and it undoubtedly shines through every time. I found myself excited about class and lecture every day. Katherine - your kind heart and sharp mind inspire me! You found a way to make anatomy interesting, and I so much enjoyed the tone of your yoga class - feminine yet very strong and powerful. Thank you for such a treasured gift I'll keep with me for the rest of my life, the gift of knowledge and the tools to live a happy, peaceful and beautiful life.

I can't wait to start truly living and fully implement this into my daily life so I can find my authenticity, and inspire others like you have inspired me."





 Zuna Yoga Bali 200 hour teacher training course review

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"The Tools To Experience Life Fully"

"I'm stumped to express how grateful I am for this experience. The support and encouragement I've received over the past three weeks has been immeasurable. I've grown immensely since the start of the course, physically and emotionally. You've given me the tools to be able to understand and experience this life fully. I can't wait to start planning my next training with you, I know there is so much more for me to learn and I'm eager to do so. "





300 hour Yoga Teacher training reviews

300 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Beyond My Expectations!!"

"I attended the fall 2014 300 hr YTT in Ubud, Bali. I'm delighted to say, Everett and Katherine delivered an experience beyond my expectations!! Their collective capability to not only decipher ancient text, but also deliver challenging asana was seamless. Throughout the intense schedule of training they brought balance with planned appropriate group activities and always expressed their availability to help anyone individually at anytime. This training brought the perfect balance to my "power" yoga background. Thank you for sharing your plethora of knowledge!!!"





200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Passions For A Beautiful Life"

"Words can't express how much these three weeks have meant to me. I have developed and grown more than I could have imagined and it wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you for sharing your lifelong research, teachings and passions for a beautiful, powerful life. I have no doubt this is what your course has led each of us to."





Zuna Yoga course review


"No other practice clarifies and intensifies the relationship between breath, strength, stability"

"The steady practice of the Tantric-influenced yoga Everett introduced has had a deep and lasting effect on my yoga practice. There's a clarity to the Zuna Yoga® method that encourages and indeed fosters clarity in the practitioner that is physical, emotional and mental. No other practice clarifies and intensifies the relationship between breath, strength, stability, and focus as well as Zuna Yoga®....... Everett's sequences of asanas take a student so thoroughly and thoughtfully through an arc of "thoughts-in-action" that they take residence in your mind and body."





 Bali 200 hour Yoga Teacher training review

200 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Sweat, Tears, Laughter and Love"

"Today was the last morning practice in the studio lotus, of waking up at 5 am and rising with the sun. There has been so much sweat, tears, knowledge, wisdom, laughter and love shared in this space. I can't believe these three weeks are over, but our journeys have really just begun. I am forever grateful for my teachers and the beautiful people I've met here. This wonderful month in Bali will forever be cherished. Now let's go plant some seeds! Thank you Zuna Yoga® !!."





Bali 200 hour Teacher Training Reviews

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Beautiful Life changing Intensive"

"Beautiful. Breathtaking. Life changing. Intensive. Challenging. These words describe the past three weeks of yoga teacher training, and they also relate to the climb up Mount Agung to see the sunrise over Bali. Ascending the mountain at 1:40 am made it a challenging 6 hour hike, but worth it, and a great ending to this 5 month journey in Asia. Zuna Yoga® teacher training not only shaped our bodies and minds. It also formed a relationship with our spirits and inspired willingness to achieve anything we set our mind to. Where the mind goes, energy follows."





Ting speaks about her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali Reviews

200 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Sisters and Brothers for Life"

"There are so many thoughts in my head that I want to shout out the world about my experience at yoga teacher training. I've met true family - sisters and brothers for life. I feel like a completely different person and I want to spread this knowledge to the world. I suppose if I had to narrow it down to one sentence: Live authentically, love deeply, and laugh often. Thank you so much Zuna Yoga®, you helped me reconnect with my soul."





500 hour Yoga Teacher training Gili Meno

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Inspiration, Kindness, Professionalism"

"No words can really describe how grateful I am of having the opportunity to be part of the Zuna Yoga® teacher training. You showed me and let me explore how to be a yoga teacher, but also how to explore who I really am. And that, to me, is the most wonderful gift. A big thank you for the inspiration, kindness, professionalism, but especially just for who you are."





Bali 200 hour Yoga Teacher training Gili Meno

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"I Am Truly Changed"

"I can't thank you enough for this amazing experience to learn and explore yoga at the Zuna Yoga® teacher training. I feel like you have opened windows in myself to explore who I truly am as a person, a yogi and as a teacher. Thank you for such an incredible experience here in Bali. For teaching such a strong foundation in yoga philosophy, meditation and asana. I feel like I am truly changed."





500 hour Yoga Teacher training reviews

500 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Review

"A profound knowledge of yoga practice and teaching methods"

"Everett and Katherine are beautiful people with deep understanding of real traditional ancient yoga, with profound knowledge of yoga practice and teaching methods, with huge experience of life which illuminates from their teaching approach to yoga, and sparkles from their attitude. I wish that everyone, from beginners to advanced students, could participate in Zuna Yoga® teacher training courses, which have high-quality world standards, and absorb everything they give to expand your knowledge for entire life as yoga practitioners and yoga teachers."





500 hour Yoga Teacher training course review

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Beyond My Expectations!!"

"I would like to thank you two for the amazing journey that I have had here in Bali. It is sad that it all goes by so quickly, but you've definitely given us a great foundation to explore the paths that will lead to a meaningful and happy life. Before the training, I never expected the the program to be so full of valuable life lessons. You totally over delivered and I definitely want to continue this journey in the 300 hour course."





Bali 300 hour Yoga Teacher training reviews

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Becoming Family"

"Once you take the time to go deeper into the understanding of yoga, you realize that the group of people that you share that moment become your family. It's a time in your life that will change you forever. The Zuna Yoga® teacher training was an amazing month in which I grew on many levels. The passion they shared for the true meaning of yoga and traditional practice inspire me to continue in this journey. Taking this time is the great gift you can give to yourself and Zuna Yoga® offers a great space to do it."





Bali 200 hour Teacher training reviews

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"I Knew It Was Right"

"All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so blessed to have been a part of this training. For so long now, I have felt like something was missing and now I know exactly what it was. When I started looking fora teacher training, I was bombarded with all the different options. I now think it came straight from my Buddhi when I came across Zuna Yoga® and knew it was right. You have shared so much and I have learned more than I ever could have imagined. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us and setting us on our own journeys."





Zuna Yoga Teacher training reviews

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Inspired and Courageous"

"I feel more inspired and courageous to head out into my life and pursue my dreams and endeavors, and for that I would like to thank you greatly. My journey continues with more strength and knowledge about myself and I am blessed to be continuing on the path of yoga as taught by you. Thank you!."





Athena - Gili Meno Yoga Teacher training reviews

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"I Prayed For A Course Like This"

"It is hard for me to express in words the value of having completed a Zuna Yoga® course. It is not just a yoga course, it has provided me with the tool kit to live a fulfilling life. I prayed for a course like this to exist; self-realization, self discovery, science and philosophy. Katherine and Everett's concise delivery gave me the assurance to believe in myself and provided a clear, simple, and systematic way of understanding life. I wish the course was a year long, 3 weeks went by too fast, but I am excited to have already started putting what I learnt into practice. I feel I have started to walk the path of life that includes reality, authenticity and fearlessness."





Briahn - Zuna Yoga Teacher training Bali review

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"The Best Investment I've Ever Made"

"I will say now, and without a doubt, the 200 hour yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga® was the best investment I've ever made for myself. I had some yoga experience going into the training, but mostly studio vinyasa style, where I never gave myself time to explore yoga in more depth.... to delve into the philosophy, energetics and the sweet meditations that make the cake of yoga, of which asana is merely the glaze!

Everett didn't waste time getting into Vedic philosophy, energetic recipes of prana vayus, and pranayamas, all this...and more, allowed me to see and experience the body and breath as a vehicle to knowing more of myself. For me, yoga is a gem...a science that can guide you to being more of who you are. With much fluency, Everett and Katherine guide you through this journey. For me, this month intensive was exactly what I was looking, for but didn't know until I arrived! It brought my personal practice to a whole new level and allowed for a deeper experience and awareness of self.

"With that all being said, the month wasn't all smiles and pretty poses. There were times it was quite provocative... forcing some uncomfortable introspection that made space for some beautiful transformation. The Zuna Yoga® teacher training was an amazing journey that has brought so much clarity to my life and the direction I'm taking now! I have so much excitement and gratitude for Zuna Yoga®...and would encourage anyone who wants to know life and themselves more intimately to check it out.





300 hour yoga teacher training review

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Humbly Grateful"

"The journey you provided was challenging, downright gruelling at times, beautiful in so many ways, life changing .... and having some time to digest, confirms it was exactly what I needed to grow as a teacher but more importantly as a person. I am forever humbly grateful."





Anna 500 hour yoga teacher training course review

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Your Knowledge And Awareness Is Intoxicating"

"Your knowledge and awareness is intoxicating. Thank you for sharing yourself so generously and compassionately. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I am a few steps closer to being my best and most authentic self and look forward to digging even deeper."





300 hour yoga teacher training review

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Dive Deep Into The World of Breathing and Meditation"

"I have recently finished (October 2013) Zuna Yoga®'s RYT300® advanced yoga teacher training program on the Island of Gili Air, Indonesia. Having practiced yoga for over 8 years, this program was refreshing, as it was more about the inner workings of the mind, not just the body. The course content enabled me to confidently dive deeper into the world of breathing and meditation. I had always struggled with this aspect in my own practice, as well as in my teaching, but through this program it has become easier. Everett, the main teacher in this program, is a master at teaching advanced pranayama and helping to move his students, with care, into deeper states of awareness and consciousness. I feel honored to know "team" Zuna - Katherine and Everett; they have made a big difference in my life and teaching. Thank you for everything!"





Lorinda 500 hour yoga teacher training Bali review

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"1000% Effort"

"Wow, has this been amazing. It's good people like you and Katherine who give out so much just to help and want to develop others. It's because you both care so much that you wish to impart you knowledge to see others grow, enrich others' lives and see people reach their full potential. For this, people's lives have now been changed forever and it's due to your 1000% effort. Thank you for always being so kind, caring, loving and patient with me. Thanks for making me feel appreciated, listened to, valued, and understood. This has been priceless."





 yoga instructor certification course review- Ubud Bali

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"The Heart of Yoga"

"I always loved yoga but never felt I really understood it until completing my Zuna Yoga® teacher training. Zuna Yoga® takes you to the heart of yoga, the purpose ... your breath! I improved my personal practice, and am now a confident yoga teacher. Most importantly, I gained the skills I needed to start living my dream. I'm very grateful for my experience and can't wait to learn more."





yoga instructor certification course review

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Philosophy of Life"

"For a long time, I have seen yoga only on the visible surface: the asanas, the flexibility, the beauty of the lines. My practice was more gymnastic, where the perfection of the postures was the goal to achieve. Zuna Yoga® has help me to put the perfection of asana aside to reveal an understanding of Yoga that brought a deep and beautiful realization of my life. It has illuminated a serenity I have never known. I have carved out a home within me for a new philosophy of life and the invaluable knowledge of how to utilize yoga as a tool to shape my life and my vision."





500 hour Yoga Teacher training review

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review

"Mind Blowing"

"Once you take the time to go deeper into the understanding of yoga, you realize that the group of people that you share that moment become your family. It's a time in your life that will change you forever. The Zuna Yoga® teacher training was an amazing month in which I grew on many levels. The passion they shared for the true meaning of yoga and traditional practice inspire me to continue in this journey. Taking this time is the great gift you can give to yourself and Zuna Yoga® offers a great space to do it."





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