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Meditation is traditionally said to be the culmination and the goal of a yogic practice. Our seasoned instructors guide you through various techniques so you can practice anytime, anywhere.

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Yoga Nidra
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Powerfully effective and restorative. This guided relaxation technique is designed to lead you into a deep state of "yogic sleep". One of the jewels of yogic tradition, available to everyone.

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When you can't get to Bali or one of our other exotic destinations to practice with us, you can enjoy the magic of Zuna® at home. A variety of classes are available to refresh and maintain your home practice.


Yoga Nidra

"A primary ingredient in the recipe for extraordinary living" - Everett Newell

Everett Newell - Yoga teacher training instructor
Understanding Yoga Nidra

Considered one of the crown jewels of yogic tradition, and a primary ingedient in the recipe for extraordinary living, yoga nidra has been the secret of many great and accomplished sages and swamis. Yoga Nidra, literally meaning "yogic sleep," is a systematically guided series of mental exercises that can deliver its practitioners into a non-REM deep sleep state (delta 1-4 hertz brain waves) while maintaining conscious awareness of the event. This deep state of relaxation, usually reserved for advanced meditators only, is deeply restorative on many levels. It can be used to effectively treat many psychological and stress related disorders, as well as being a simple and powerfully effective means to enjoy the medically proven benefits of deep relaxation and even self discovery. It is one of the most powerful developmental tools that the traditions of yoga have to offer, yet remains accessible to everyone at all levels.


Working with Sankalpa (important)

Sankalpa literally means resolve or "a strongly determined, chosen course of action". It can also be understood as a well conceived intention or attitude that powerfully influences beliefs, thoughts and even personality. It's a characteristic or trait we consciously desire to embody. Where sankalpa is a trait we desire - Yoga Nidra is the technique we use to achieve its embodiment. Choose your sankalpa with great care. Let it bring to life specific intentions, characteristics or beliefs you wish to embody, giving your life conscious and constructive direction.

Working with a single sankalpa for a specific period of time and incorporating it into a daily practice is important to realize a significant and measurable success. The sankalpa should always be short, concise and formed in the present tense. Also, remember, your sankalpa is not something you wish for or want to become. It is something you are and have always been. A part of you that has longed to be recognized.

Some examples of a well formed sankalpa are: I am healthy, I am loving, I am patient, I am wise, I persevere, I am confident, I am free.

You can also use one of my personal favorites as an effective and universal example: "I am the witness to all experience."

* A sankalpa can also be a short and concise description of a life lived fully. Imagine you are a famous artist rendering your vision of a fulfilling life to canvas. When formulating your sankalpa describe what you imagine with no more than three well constructed sentences. These sentences are not a full description of your vision but key a phrase or phrases to allow its imagery to come to life with in your mind.

Once you have chosen a sankalpa you are ready to go.

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