Advanced - 300 hour Meditation + Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Certification Course

Meditation Teacher Training
Oct 6 - Nov 1 2018
Azadi Retreat
Ubud Bali Indonesia
All inclusive from $4,575 USD

Meditation is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the world, with dedicated meditation studios popping up in urban hubs and many yoga studios offering meditation classes. Employers are more frequently offering mindfulness and meditation programs for their staff, with as many as 40% of US companies including meditation as part of employee wellness packages. Developing your skills as a meditation and Yoga Nidra teacher enables you to diversify your offerings as a skilled teacher while offering your students rich, meaningful content, expanding your career opportunities.

Whether you’re interested in creating better relationships with others, being a better problem solver, improving emotional management, boosting creativity, or simply reducing stress, a dedicated practice of meditation is essential. No single mental, physical or spiritual technique has proven more effective in awakening the human psyche to these realms of wellbeing and creativity as the practices of meditation and Yoga Nidra. That’s why these tools have been considered the crown jewels of almost all Eastern spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Modern medical science is taking these claims of tradition seriously and is increasingly devoting clinical research to explore the efficacy of their practice, resulting in what is now an extensive body of supportive research.

Scientific research supports many of the benefits that can be realized from a meditation practice. To name just a few: increased happiness, creative flow and immune function; improved sleep, relationships, cognitive function, concentration, memory, and emotional management; reduced stress and anxiety, and an overall improved physical health, which can directly effect longevity.

Modern psychology and neuroscience tells us that as much as 90% of how we perceive life is not a product of what we experience in the external world, but rather how we interpret life’s events through the lens of the mind. If the mind is the curator of life’s experience, meditation is a way to train the mind in the management and organization of these experiences to realize the best version of ourselves. It allows us to create the best relationship with the life we are living and those we share it with.

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Program Details

The Zuna Yoga® 300 hour course dives deep into the world of meditation, Yoga Nidra and pranayama in a teacher training immersion. It is meticulously and thoughtfully designed to maximize your take aways, and is the culmination of many years of personal practice and educational experience drawn from leading yoga teacher trainings, classes and retreats. In this course, we will cover a variety of techniques from different traditions as well as provide you with the science, philosophy and practical experience for developing the skills you need to lead others with confidence. We will be using biofeedback data collected through wearable devices to provide insights on the effectiveness of the techniques we explore. We will also cover how to incorporate these new skills in meaningful private sessions, corporate programs and workshops, as well as other tools to advance your career opportunities.

Yoga Nidra, included in this course as an extensive offering, is a systematic method of deep relaxation. The latest medical research says that as much as 80% of all outpatient treatment is a result of stress related illnesses. Yoga Nidra is clinically proven to be an excellent tool for stress reduction, as a gateway into realms of essential and restorative deep relaxation states. Delivered properly, it is a tool that can be used equally well for beginners and advanced practitioners. It can also be very effective to deliver an experience much like meditation and therefore an excellent tool to assist your students in understanding what deep states of meditation feel like and supporting their progress in meditation. We will explore how to create your own recipes for a variety of specific uses. There will be ample time dedicated to its practice as well to refine your own personal delivery. Yoga Nidra is an essential tool for an advanced yoga or meditation teacher.

Yoga Alliance® RYT 500® Certification

This 300 hour course is an advanced program. Many students may have already have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course prior to their participation. However, you may enroll in a 300 hour program without having completed a 200 hour course if you are an advanced student looking to deepen your practice of meditation. According to Yoga Alliance® standards, you would not be able to register yourself as an RYT 500®. The RYT 500® certification requires first doing a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, and an additional 300 hour yoga teacher training course by an accredited RYS® (like Zuna Yoga®) and logging 100 hours of classroom teaching.


Required Reading

The books below are an essential part of the deeper understanding of meditation. All course participants are required to submit a report for each book listed to show an understanding of content. Much of the material in these books will be incorporated into the daily lectures and practices, giving students an adequate opportunity to digest the often elusive but important meaning of meditation. All reports and assignments must be completed in order to receive your course certificate.

Meditation Course Reading List

The Mind Illuminated - John Yates (Hard copy or Kindle version available on
Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza (Hard copy or Kindle version available on

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The program sylLabus includes:

* History + Philosophy of Meditation - This course will offer a thorough examination of various traditions of meditation, including Advaita Vedanta, Sri Vidya, Classical Yoga, Hatha, Tantra, Buddhism, and Taoism. We will cover the theory b

* The Science of Meditation - beneficial effects on the various systems of the body (psychology, neuroscience, anatomy and physiology of the nervous, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems)

* The Science of Breath - Although the breath is understood traditionally as a quintessential element of practice, it is rarely taught in a way that defines it as the powerful tool it is to trigger and control of the nervous system in ways essential for meditation, deep relaxation and managment of the nervous system.

* Prana, Chakras - There are many layers to understanding Prana, the prime life force and how it moves through the bodily framework of the Chakras. We will investigate this force in detail and how the currents of energy known as prana vayus are the very foundation of what makes yoga work.

* The Art and Science of Sequencing for Meditation - You will learn how to use the tools of asana, pranayama and bandha to effectively prepare for meditation and compliment its practice.

* Meditation techniques - A wide variety of techniques will be included such as:

  • * Mindfulness
  • * Concentration
  • * Visualization
  • * Contemplation
  • * Mantra
  • * Japa Mala
  • * Sound (Nada)
  • * Kriya
  • * Pranayama

* Incorporating Biofeedback (wearable technology)

* Silence: in order to deepen the experience of meditation, we observe silence for the first few hours of each day, as well as for an extended 3 day period during the course.

* The Comfortable Seat: meditation's greatest ally - We will thoroughly investigate key seated postures and variations, troubleshooting common difficulties / addressing physical limitations and the effective use of props

* Voice coaching - build confidence and refine your voice skills (pitch, resonance, pace, rhythm)

* Yoga Nidra - Yoga Nidra is one of the crown jewels of yoga that can deliver us effectively into the deepest realms of yoga, effortlessly. It is highly effective for reduction of stress and for understanding deep states of meditation and consciousness. We'll teach you how it works and how to develop your own yoga nidra classes.

* Working with corporate clients / developing a corporate wellness program

* Business skills - developing and launching your meditation classes and workshops

* Developing your own audio recordings and online offerings - practical how-tos

* Workshops - We've some time to put all you've learned during this course into developing a three day workshop series. Each group will share their creative ideas in a class presentation.

* Everyone will get ample opportunity to teach classes with their newly acquired tools affording the chance to refine their skills of delivering a well prepared and meaningful class.

* 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate will be awarded on completion of all course requirements. You need this certificate of completion and 100 hours of teaching experience to apply for your Yoga Alliance® RYT 500® Certification.

* A detailed Training Manual including scripts and methodology of the techniques covered.

Meditation + Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Bali 2018 Pricing


Packages include tuition, course manual, use of bio-feedback wearable tech with software, accommodation at Azadi Retreat, group airport transfer, delicious buffet breakfast, lunch, afternoon fruit snack and dinner; unlimited filtered water, fresh coffee and herbal teas. All meals are vegetarian, local foods are emphasized. Please let us know any dietary restrictions (vegan, allergies) on your application. A group opening and closing dinner on the first and last evening are included.

The first step in booking your meditation teacher training in Bali is to fill out the online application form. Once your application is accepted, you can make a deposit of $750 to secure your spot. The remaining balance is due 60 days before the start of your program. Early bird discounts are offered to students who pay in full 6 months before the program begins.





Accommodation Packages Include:

26 Nights accommodation at Azadi Retreat - daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, teas, afternoon fresh fruit snack - group airport transfer - 450+ page manual - course tuition.

Package 1 - Shared (triple)

Early bird: $4,575 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $4,975 USD


Package 2 - Shared (Double)

Early bird: $4,875 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $5,375 USD


Package 3 - Private

Early bird: $5,925 USD (6 months prior)
Standard Price: $6,425 USD


Enrollment Application


Daily Schedule - Typical Training Day







Breakfast (silence)
Lecture /Practicum
Lunch/Free Time
Lecture /Practicum
Fruit Snack - Break

Schedule is subject to modifications at the instructors' discretion